About Our Nursing Home

At Corrandulla nursing home we understand that the decision to move into a long term care facility is an enormous life changing event for both the resident and their loved ones.

Following an enquiry from a potential resident we will provide you with our promotional information, including our resident’s guide, detailing the location and services we provide. Where possible all new residents will be invited to visit the home prior to admission, to meet the staff and residents before making a decision.

Centre Number: 0332

Registration dates: Start: 09/05/2015 Expires: 08/05/2018

Conditions attached:

Maximum number of resident:

37 Bedrooms:

  • 17 single rooms without en-suite
  • 08 single rooms with en-suite
  • 04 twin rooms without en-suite
  • 02 twin room with en-suite

Room Sizes:

  • Single room sizes range from 9.3m² to 13.3m²
  • Shared room sizes range from 15.5m² to 30m²
  • Bedrooms are allocated on the ground or first floor.

Communal areas:

  • Front sitting room: 48 m²
  • Back sitting room: 32.5 m²
  • Unit sitting room: 25.35 m²
  • Dining room: 30.15 m²
  • Unit dining room: 21.6 m²
  • Foyer: 16.65 m²
  • Unit reception area: 19.38 m²
  • Smoking conservatory: 12 m²

The Aim of The Home

The aim of the Home is to ensure the maximum possible individual care and attention for all of the residents of the home. We hope to provide a setting wherein residents are cared for, supported and valued within a care environment that promotes the health and wellbeing of the resident. We wish to ensure the maximum possible individual care and attention for all of the residents of the home. The Home is “for profit” a commercial organisation. However, we firmly believe that this does not in any way conflict with the reality of providing first class care, treatment, accommodation, catering, entertainment, facilities, and continuity of life style for our Residents.

We fully recognise that problems will occur, that errors will be made and complaints will be received. These problems, errors and complaints will be a valued source of data for improvement. We aim to continuously improve our operations to make life and conditions better for our residents.

We have identified core values and principals as a target in the management of the care of those living in the Home: Professionalism, Respect, Accountability, Compassion, Teamwork, Integrity, Community, Education, Safety, Maximizing Personal Control, Enabling Choice, Respecting Dignity and Promoting Privacy and Preserving Continuity of Life Experience and Care Provision.

Objectives of The Home

Our objective is to provide a high standard of care and treatment in accordance with evidence based practice and current legislation, to people who can no longer live at home. To provide an environment, which as far as is possible replicates the resident’s previous home life. The preservation of residents’ dignity and privacy is critical. To ensure that our residents live in a comfortable, clean and safe surroundings. Our residents will be treated with respect and staff will be sensitive to individual needs and abilities.

Resident’s opinions and preferences will be taken into consideration and will be treated with respect. To encourage residents to exercise choice, to the extent that the risk assessment allows. An environment which encourages individuality and self-awareness will be provided.

The staff at the Home will seek to develop, maintain and maximise the full potential of each Resident. It is our objective to promote the greatest possible independence of every resident, no matter what their level of dependency. Residents will be encouraged to retain links outside of the Home. They will also be encouraged to use these links as a form of alternative support and source of advice.

The Home will be as non-institutionalised as is possible. Residents will be encouraged to mix; however, no pressure will be exerted on those who do not wish to. Responsible risk taking will be regarded as normal and residents will be encouraged to undertake certain activities despite an element of risk.

There will be an avoidance of excessive paternalism to ensure minimum infringements of personal rights. Residents who are competent to judge the risk to themselves will be free to make their own decisions as long as they do not threaten the safety of others.