Welcome to Corrandulla Nursing Home

Corrandulla Nursing Home was opened in March 1990. It was originally built as a Franciscan monastery in the mid 1850’s and then converted in 1989 into Corrandulla Nursing home. An extension was added to the home in 2001 & 2013. On the ground of the home also consists of independent living units and an activity centre.

The Proprietors are Michael Hayden (SRN, RNMD, RCT, RNT) and Noelle Hayden (SRN, SCM).
The registered Provider is Michael Hayden
The Person in Charge is Aishling Abed
The Manager is Michael F. Hayden

Meet our Team

The Home is situated in six acres of beautiful landscaped grounds with small orchard, in the village of Corrandulla. It is 9.5 miles or 15.3 kilometres from Galway City and 7.5 miles or 12.1 kilometres from Headford town.

Mission Statement

Corrandulla Nursing Home believes in the essential value of all human beings. We celebrate the diversity of our residents and staff as a group, and respect the unique dignity of each individual. Our mission is to develop, promote, and implement an atmosphere of acceptance and support to preserve the honour and dignity of everyone at Corrandulla. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of our residents. This will be achieved by embracing all aspects of health and social care within an environment designed and equipped to provide a first-class standard of care within a peaceful and tranquil setting.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the most holistic Nursing, Convalescence and healthcare provider within the region. We want to offer our residents choice, in all aspects of their lives. We want to offer Residents professionally and individually tailored lifestyle plans, in unison with families, where they are unable to express their own choices. Our greatest desire is that our residents will feel loved and valued with us here at Corrandulla, as well as feeling a continued sense of purpose in life.

We want our Residents to continue to have an active role in their families and their community with our full support in doing so.

Corrandulla Nursing Home believes in the right and responsibility of individuals to determine their own destinies. We encourage our residents and their families to express choices consistent with their life-long values. As a team, we work toward developing a relationship of trust and respect between our residents, their families and friends, our employees and the communities we recognise the expertise, spirit and value of each member of our committed care team and will encourage each member to have a voice in the operation of the Nursing Home. Corrandulla nursing home will continually strive to advance and broaden the knowledge and skills of each employee by encouraging them to participate in educational and professional activities.

We pledge to conduct business within all laws, regulations and standards of excellence applicable to older person care while adhering to a strong code of ethical business practices. Corrandulla Nursing home is committed to promoting the independence of our Residents – personally, medically, psychologically, socially and spiritually and we advocate for enhancing the quality of their lives to the fullest extent possible.