Our Facilities

At Corrandulla Nursing Home we understand that the decision to move into a long term care facility is an enormous life changing event for both the resident and their loved ones. We want our residents to feel completely at home and comfortable at all times.

Following an enquiry from a potential resident we will provide you with our promotional information, including our resident’s guide, detailing the location and services we provide. Where possible all new residents will be invited to visit the home prior to admission, to meet the staff and residents before making a decision.

Please note, that there is a lift available to those who may have difficulty in walking the stairs.


+ Social Interaction

Maintaining social contacts is encouraged, providing residents with access to letter writing materials, telephone access 24hrs and internet access in the office. We encourage representatives to be involved with special events as they are arranged. Were possible arrange for residents to meet with family and friends outside of the facilities, go for day breaks with family and friends or overnight stays.

+ Smoking Facilities

There is a fully ventilated smoking conservatory for those who wish to smoke in the home we ask residents to only smoke in this area for the health and safety of others. There is a lift available to those who may have difficulty in walking the stairs.

+ Physiotherapy

If a resident requires physiotherapy, the nurse will arrange this for you through your GP. A private Physiotherapist is available to visit through a private arrangement and at the resident’s expense.

+ Chiropodist

The chiropodist employed by the health board will visit the Home as requested and available, some residents feel that they would like chiropody more often than is available and they have arranged for a private chiropodist to visit through a private arrangement and at the resident’s expense.

+ Optician

Please inform the nurse of any optical requirements you might have and arrangements will be made to accommodate you. An optician will visit the home as requested should you wish to avail of this option.

+ Dentistry

Please inform the nurse of any dental requirements you might have and arrangements will be made to accommodate you.

+ Hairdresser

We have a hairdresser who visits the Home. Please arrange an appointment with the care staff. Each resident is responsible for the cost of the hairdressing. Should a resident not wish to wait for the home hairdresser then they if they wish a staff member can make arrangements for a visit to the local hairdresser. Residents can arrange for their hairdresser of choice to visit the home.

+ Worship

Clergy of all denominations are welcome at any time and regular catholic services are held at the Home. Should you wish us to contact your religious representative, please do not hesitate to ask.

+ Your Doctor

Your family doctor will continue to care for you, visiting you in the Home as necessary. If you have moved outside your doctor’s area it may be necessary for you to register with another doctor if your present doctor is no longer able to accommodate you. If this is necessary, we will discuss the matter fully with you and/or your family.

+ The Activities provided:

The following are the Activities that occur within the Home and activities centre:

-Organising specialist events

-Sonas therapy

-Reminiscence therapy

-Sing-along / karaoke



-The WII games console / WII fit



-Card games

-Games such as draughts, skittles, hoops, Dominos etc.

-Music evenings/afternoons




-Movie nights

Outings as per demand such as:

-To shop

-To dine

-To seaside

-To cinema

-To Sports Events

-For walks




-Religious Events

-Social Outings

Events such as:

-Birthday parties


-Personal Special Occasions

-Christmas festivities

-Easter festivities

And events that the residents committee organize (coffee mornings, family days etc.)

A range of activities are available in the Home which you can attend if you wish, however the activity can also involve spending time with those who do not wish to participate in group activities. The activities centre is available Monday to Friday 10.00am to 17.00pm (except bank holidays). All residents are encouraged to participate within local community festivities and activities as they so wish.

+ Local Amenities /Activities:

Within the local community there is a post office, credit union, shop, fast food take-away, hairdresser, pharmacy, church, 2 community centres, library and 2 public houses in walking distance.

The local shop is approximately 5-10 minutes walking distance from the home. As you leave the gate of the home you turn right.

Walk on the footpath until you see the shop on the left hand side of the road. Please be careful in crossing the road. The shop is open from 9.00am to 20.00pm. Within the same shopping area are the hairdresser, pharmacist and takeaway.

Next door on the right hand side of the Home is the local community centre. Within the community centre you can access the active age group, there is a coffee morning every Thursday, displayed are weekly activities such as exercise classes, sports, bingo nights, dance classes etc.

A community run library is available every Wednesday and Friday in the “old school” directly beside the community centre.

Next door on the left hand side of the home is the parish church and the Pastoral centre. Within that centre is the credit union which is open on Saturday mornings, community meeting rooms and the local priest office. The parish council will advertise events that are taking place; they will do this through the local amenities and within the church leaflet weekly.

The local Post Office is approximately 5 minutes walking distance from the gate of the home. As you leave, you turn left stay on the footpath until you see the post office on the right hand side of the road. If you stay on the left side within ten meters of the post office is a small pub and another hundred meters on the left is a tavern. The public houses often have music nights, card nights and dances which are also advertised locally.

During the summer period there is a local fair and horse show that takes place (June/July) with entertainment & interests for all age groups. The Bus going into Galway city collects outside the post office daily and will drop you back to the gate of the home if you tell the driver. A bus to Tuam will pick up outside the home every Thursday for pass holders only. For bus schedule please speak to nurse in charge.

Should you wish to go out for the day or on holiday; we will offer every assistance possible. Please let us know in advance and we will help with packing etc. unfortunately we must continue to charge the full fee when residents vacate the room temporarily as with personal effects in the room, it is impractical for others to use the room in your absence.

+ Personalise Your Room

We strongly recommend residents who are planning to stay for longer periods of time, to personalise their rooms. Any favourite pieces of furniture, television, ornaments, photographs, etc would be ideal for this and we certainly arrange to have pictures, plates etc put up on the wall if required. The only requirement is that all furniture is fire retardant. This can be discussed prior to admission.

+ Meal Times/Beverages

Breakfast (ongoing) 7.30am- 10.30am (approx)

Morning snack 10.30-11am

Lunch 12.30pm- 1.30pm

Afternoon Tea 2pm/2.30pm

Snack 3.15pm

Evening Meal 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Supper 7.45pm/8.00pm

Late Supper 9.30pm – 10.15pm

The times displayed are flexible to those who wish to eat at differing times. Should anyone wish to have meals in other areas then the dining room, then this will be accommodated. All meals are made fresh on the day of serving. We attempt to accommodate all likes and dislikes and will endeavour to attend to any dietary requirements. Drinks and snacks are available at any time of the day or night to residents; they may request something from a member of the care staff or use the facilities in the ‘unit’ themselves.

+ Pets

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets. Should an individuals’ pet wish to visit we will support and assist this in any way possible. We would request notice of a person’s pet arriving so as to insure other residents / staff are aware in case of allergies, fear etc.

+ Laundry Facilities

We provide a laundry service for residents’ personal clothing, which is machine washable (but not for professional dry cleaning items). We shall not be held responsible for items damaged in the normal process of laundering. Should items of clothing require dry-cleaning, its recommend friends or family bring these items for cleaning. Should you require for the home to dry clean items, the cost will be incurred by the resident.

+ Television

If you have your own television please feel free to bring this with you, or if you wish the home to organise one, let the Duty Manager know. There is television available in all day rooms and sitting rooms.

+ Telephone/Internet

We have public telephones, which residents may use to receive or make calls. They are allocated in the Unit reception, hall and outside dining room. Should anyone wish to make a call in private they may use the telephone in the Nurses office or the phone in the unit reception. Emails can be sent from the PiC office or residents can use the Wi-Fi in the unit area.